I’m just including these for the sake of documentation. It’s what I filled in for the Match.com profile:

for fun:
– outdoor play and inside games
– fantasy and sci fi
– building things
– movies
– painting
– tango
– telling stories / hearing stories
– trying anything new
– i’m never bored (big imagination)
– big capacity for adventure

my job:
i have the best job in the world:
– strategic communications consultant
– creative projects that interest me
– flexibility to order my own life
– work with people, but don’t manage them
– i get things going and keep them going

my ethnicity:
irish/german; second of six siblings- 5 girls, one boy; born in seattle, grew up in DC, early adulthood in williamsburg and richmond, virginia; then missouri; memphis; and providence now for 10 years

my religion:
12 years of catholic school as a child. Now non-institutional in my beliefs, I’m slowly (!) moving toward enlightenment via the wisdom of numerous traditions.

my education:
BFA in communication arts and design (film, computer graphics, graphic design)
Everything for the MA in journalism except the thesis and enough time to finish it. damn. After a decade, though, it really doesn’t really seem to matter that much.

favorite hot spots:
– restaurants with great music but where you can still talk
– cozy coffee places
– libraries
– airports
– museums
– bookstores
– flea markets
– movie theatres
– adventures in other lands, luxury or roughing it

favorite things:
– wind and big weather
– the great design of anything
– science and physics
– monty python and david sedaris
– andrew bird, cake, yo-yo ma
– silver jewelry
– aha! moments
– irreverence and reverence
– the corners of mouths
– meditation

last read:
– online research about wikis
– Convergence Culture / Jenkins
– Warped Passages / Randall
– Traveling Between the Worlds: Conversations with Contemporary Shamans
– Chronicle of Higher Ed