My description morphed into a daily-changing reflection. Each of my daily entries was framed by these paragraphs:

A life, a person, a word limit. It’s hard to pack it all in. I’ve noticed a few distinct profile types (“I’m just your average guy,” “I like to laugh and have fun,” “EVERYTHING IS IN ALL CAPS,” “My friends would say that I’m attractive, witty, etc.”) that probably develop because it’s a challenge to say it all in one take.

So here is my idea: I’ll update my profile frequently, sharing small snapshots of my life that reveal something about me, instead of trying to capture everything at one time. Every day offers a new dimension to a life; I’ll try to demonstrate that in this profile. Keep reading if you want to see who I am.

entry here:
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Who am I? I’m a woman looking for a genuine man of lively imagination and an easy smile. Show me how you value life and beauty. How do you see it? Why does that matter to you? I hope to share curiosity and interest in the world, nature, people, spirit. Irreverence is a wonderful thing, got to spice things up! My work involves generating possibilities, and I believe we create our own reality. I take life as a great gift and I experience joy in all aspects of its manifestation. I call things like I see them. I am kind, warm, and truthful, creative and a thinktank. I might surprise you, and I love to laugh. Look, I’m not necessarily looking for the “relationship of a lifetime” at this moment- who knows when that will enter stage left? – but I’d really enjoy some stimulating conversation and engagement with a man who knows himself, maybe some silliness, and the opportunity to meet someone who runs a bit outside of the mainstream (I think at this point it’s OK to want better than average, don’t you?). It’s a short life in many ways – let’s have fun!

Small quirks: I love a beautifully shaped skull, expressive hands, intensity of spirit. And I have a thing for good spelling!