little match girl

I’ve jumped from to my own blog. What fun!

My subscription to Match ended on March 3, 2007, and since I was treating my profile there like a faux-blog, I figured maybe it would be nice to have the real thing. At least I can archive the 50 entries I wrote while I was Match-ing.

You can read my original description, and all my changing entries posted there. My Match experiences brought some wonderful people my way, and I love the man I met just before I quit. I guess you could say it worked out pretty well for me…

I’ll just add that at 46 I’m having a ball as I watch my kids head off on adventures, and go about having my own at the same time. I’m trying to develop my spirit and my talents and learn about people and this world at what feels like a sort of fulcrum in my life. Sometimes I do pretty well with that, and other times maybe not so much, but in any case there is rarely a dull moment!