Last night I sat in the dark of the concert hall at UConn, and listened to the wind ensemble play several compositions from minimalist and neoromantic composers from the past century. It was a great performance, really tight and beautifully conducted. This music keeps me alert – the intervals are everything, and the percussionists are fascinating to watch. And one euphoniumist really catches my eye (love seeing that boy play!).

I thought about traffic on the highway, how everything flows in one direction but at varying speeds, all different shapes and colors but all heading down the same pipeline; how that pipeline of road bends and curves and grades and merges with others.

The music made me think about similar patterns in a lifetime of experiences: the continuity of the birth process and how people meet and spend time and then move in different directions, how a life is carried over different geographies but all processed by a mind and heart that somehow creates a continuity.

I thought of Robert Altman soundtracks: dialogue fading in and out, overlapping murmurs and laughter, whispers and clapping and footsteps and and dogs barking and music and background everything funneled together.

I thought of money at the mall, how it flows from pocket to register drawer, through plastic, ATMs, gift certificates; it’s green, it’s shiny, it turns into bags of clothes and perfume and movie tickets, shoes, a pair of candlesticks. How the cash flows with emotion: satisfaction, desperation, contentment, anxiety, excitement. The power behind it.

The final piece was an interpretation of Carlos Casteneda’s account of meeting shaman don Juan Matus. Of course it was magical and riveting.

It was good stuff. A nice way to end my day. Thanks, son.