In a few minutes the boys will be getting up and we’ll begin the trek to Logan to fly Henry back to Pittsburgh, the drive to Storrs to send Jack back to UConn…everyone back in their respective places today.

The week was filled with these big tall boy/men, towering over me and saturating the house with deep voices and laughter, music and friends. It’s been a great week. It’s a good feeling to be able to relax from the heavyduty parenting and just enjoy your growing-up children. The best part is, I LIKE these guys. We’ve played games and cooked, played music and talked. I’ll be missing them this week…

We had a good holiday meal with WAY too much food. I haven’t learned to cook small yet. John came up and helped with the cooking and the playing and the talking, and there was a big pie party in the evening with lots of fun. It was a very good day, a happy day.

I ran the Trot Off Your Turkey 5K yesterday morning – it was cold but still, perfect weather for a good run. I came in at 9:50/mi. which is pretty good for me, esp. considering all the pie I ate!!!

Jack turned 20 yesterday, so I had some great reflection about that day years ago when he put in his first appearance. He came home on Thanksgiving Day and we took him to his grandmother’s house for the big family dinner. His cry was very distinctive, a bit like the bleating of a little lamb. Sweet boy.

Henry has me set up with one of his electric guitars because he traded the acoustic to a friend for a big amp. These kids are always pushing me into new realms…We bought new strings and he showed me how to string it and use the small amp he’s leaving behind. I bought a book of christmas music so I can practice some stuff for the next time they come home. ha ha!! In the interest of complete disclosure, I’m not a very good guitar player/student, but I do try! and I do have fun with it! and I will get better! dammit!

This year I am thankful for all the many kinds of love in my life, the beauty I see in my world, the ample chances I have for moving any confusion and inadequacies into opportunities for growth. I appreciate the comfort I enjoy in so many ways, and the freedom I have to express my life as I please. Blessings abound.