…work goin’ on.

Tired of hearing me say I’m having a busy week? There is payoff- I’m taking half of tomorrow, and then the rest of the week, off for Thanksgiving. I’ve been enjoying the company of my oldest son since Friday night when he came home from UConn for the break. His birthday is this Saturday – 20 years old! Wow. Can’t believe this tall rangy young man is the same person as the fat baby who rolled instead of crawled because it was more efficient than fighting gravity. He’s got a faux grunge trucker sort of thing going on with his look these days, accented by a nose ring that encircles one nostril. Not bad…he likes his salvation army clothes and I like them too – throwback to punk days in college. But I did buy some Urban Outfitters stuff to wrap since I gave him the accordion a few weeks ago.

Unfortunately I had to yell at him about smoking in my car. I asked him not to on Saturday, and then this morning I opened my car door to drive to a meeting and was greeted with that stale smoke smell. I haven’t gotten pissed off like that in months. It was weird. My throat hurt all afternoon even though I didn’t really belt it out. More the fact that he didn’t respect my wishes – ME, AN EX SMOKER!!!! – than that the car stinks now. But I think he got it. And if he didn’t, he won’t be driving my car anymore and I won’t have to worry about it. At this point in my life, I only go for one transgression. Why draw out the misery?

Snowflakes in Boston today. I was there for a meeting and it was exciting to see them flutter down, so relaxed, so incidental, barely white. Just a get-ready for a real snow later in the season…