about wonder.

Sometimes I like to have a word or idea noodling around at the edge of my brain. In the course of a high pressure week like this one — and I know it’s high pressure because my stomach is actually upset today… Me, owner of the cast iron stomach and guts! Twisted insides only happen when the stress is a bit out of control — during weeks like this I like to keep a thought in my head like a piece of candy under my tongue, just slowly melting there, giving me a bit of sweetness through the mind jamming required by the rest of the day. When I have a moment of waiting for a printout or someone to answer the phone, I have a bit of “thought relief” for a few seconds that is relaxing but not distracting.

So, today the word is “wonder,” which came up in a conversation recently. One of the things I found on the thesaurus last night as an antonym is “expectation.” It makes sense that you can’t take something for granted, and still experience it with wonder. Now that’s a good idea to suck on for awhile…