This weekend things started bubbling up that let me know it was going to be a wild week, and on Monday I jumped into action to address the pace, canceling with great disappointment my plans to visit friends in New Hampshire for a few days and creating a schedule to turn my attention full on to the work at hand.

So my entries this week will be written in 5 minutes or less. Maybe mostly in bullet format. Let’s see how this goes. Things that can snarl me up:

• getting caught up in long conversations when 2 minutes will do.
• falling off task because my curiosity takes me on the roundabout
• stopping to give myself a break by doing something in the house, and not coming back out to my office. maybe i’ll set the oven timer when i go in, and that will prompt me that my break time is up.
• feeling overwhelmed becasue the to-do’s are too long, resulting in sleepiness and conking out

so today i’m focusing on a simple breakdown of must-do items and will hopefully stay on track. i’m pretty good with my discipline during my work hours but working alone and from my home do give me privileges that can undermine a weak intention.

so here i go…

my will must be like a bar of steel