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I’ve had an idea for a painting series for about 2 years, and I have not actually started work on it yet. It occurred to me this week that instead of paintings, I could do simple drawings and post them here as a virtual gallery that might be of interest.

Here’s the premise: I read a blog, any interesting blog, for a bit of time. When I have an impression of the blogger, I draw a picture of them. A portrait, in fact, with artifacts to support his/her talents, interests, work or personality as expressed in the blog. I will only use blogs that do NOT feature photos of the blogger. This is an intuitive project. I’ll create these as line drawings and scan them to post here. I will also send the image to the blogger with an invitation to send back a photo of themselves for comparison.

If you want to suggest a particular blog/blogger, send it to me and I’ll consider it. First one will be out within the next week.


I gave blood today as I try to do every 8 weeks. It’s not a big deal, just a quick drive to the center, get some data on how good my blood is today, watch the amazing outgoing fluid and reflect on the chemistry of life, get a sticker that says “be nice to me / i gave blood today”, and then grab some apple juice and Fig Newtons on the way out.

On the way back to work today, I drank my apple juice out of the little lunchbox-sized carton and nibbled on my Figgies and I felt happy. Really happy. Happy like a four year old. And then I realized the filled cookies and juice are exactly what mom had for snack when I was little, during that peaceful time after nap when you would need a little something to get you ready to play all afternoon, when you still had sleep marks on your cheek. I thought I always felt great because of giving “the gift of life,” but maybe it’s really all about the snack. Either way, the benefits are well worth the 30 minutes.

Well, this blog really hit the skids for a while, didn’t it? I had one reader tell me he felt I had disappointingly “lost heart.” I suppose my heart has been busy in other quarters for a few months. Still, I have had a few interesting things come up recently, and this feels like a good place to share them, so I’m diving back in. And to the malcontents, hey, go read a different blog if this doesn’t do it for you, OK?

Shaking Like A Mountain (SLAM), a new online literary journal dedicated to contemporary music, is preparing to make its debut on July 1. If you are interested in writing poetry, fiction, and creative non-fiction inspired by the music of your life, check out the submission guidelines. New writers and established writers welcome. The editorial staff and contributing editors are impressive. The concept is fabulous! This looks promising…


"If I am not for myself, then who will be for me? And if I am only for myself, then what am I? And if not now, when?" -Hillel
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